Ugly Shadows EP


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Recorded at Studio Smart/Istanbul, Feb. 2015
Mixed by George - Ignite Studio/Athens, GR
Mastered by Harris P.

Available now in Liquid Bass Records (

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"7 // First 100 copies include a badge

"7 Transparent square-shaped polycarbonate lathe-cut // Limited to 20 copies


released April 30, 2015



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UGLY SHADOWS Istanbul, Turkey

Female fronted punk band from Istanbul formed in 2014 featuring members of Era of Fear (GR) and Poster-iti (TR). Influenced by 80's post-punk and UK anarcho-punk

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Track Name: Breeze
having been tied up for centuries
rolling right back into synonymes
it's high time - it ceased
until the last man here deceased
having been sneaking into the night
leaving no room for us to see the light
doesn't matter what is your mood
soon as you work for their own good

fight for the peace, fuck the police
fight for the unity fuck disparity,
fight for the world fuck west 'n' north
we will rise from the city streets
fight for the humankind, fuck the blind
we will come as a warm breeze

having been counting on gloomy days
planning our future in evil ways
enough with all this shit
time has come for the happy days
having been ruling the empty-heads
keep tracing the fucking feds
taking labour - taking might
giving back nothing so let's fight

Track Name: Kids Of Tomorrow
this city is made of sorrow
the cold stones in dusk
depart from the straight and narrow
a savour of camels and musk
this city is killing us
i can see your sorrow
but where have all they gone
all the kids of tomorrow

isolated with creepy hands
frustrated by upright citizens
activated long time ago
liberated never more

in the morning all is fine
a poison in our hands
little kid don't you whine
in the forgotten lands
and when the night falls
we have nowhere else to go
other than this city
crying from head to toe
Track Name: Riot Control
streets never forgive eyes of stones
streets we lie under anger grows
streets never forgive hopes on walls
streets we roll over system blows

where's the riot control
where's the yes-man

streets are our home is this what makes you foam
streets are everywhere and you can hide nowhere
streets are here are you a seer
oh you should've seen that we're not going to dissappear
streets in your nightmares you walk by the square
i see your face in such a disgrace
are you afraid of losing your wage
are you afraid of our rage