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Recorded at Jupiter Studio, Kadikoy/Istanbul


released September 28, 2014



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UGLY SHADOWS Istanbul, Turkey

Female fronted punk band from Istanbul formed in 2014 featuring members of Era of Fear (GR) and Poster-iti (TR). Influenced by 80's post-punk and UK anarcho-punk

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Track Name: Denuclearise-us
you're stuck in a world that's full of crap
human-named with the machine-head
you need more energy to suppy collapse
your way leads where it's led
not a single belief to count on
uranium's spread in your backyard pond
you used to be something more
than the crashing neutron

how to find a way out to break the gears
isn't it too late to kill your fears
keep on building the destruction
nothing here nothing is clear

your soul is captured by the power
while our bodies are lying in pripyat all over
no matter how many people
no matter how many people
this is the spirit of aldermaston
do you recall the lucky dragon
the power you get becomes a tomb
we are confronting the doom
Track Name: Blind Regime
hear them sirens coming through the dust
a call for the change it's a must
melody of anger hatred agony
echoes from an outer world never belonged to us

blindfold keep your mouth shut
blind regime blind regime
you're sold kick in the butt
no questionate it's the best regime

taste the tear gas police wants to see us cry
not brave enough to see our hearts dry
if they had time left to think
they would know that this is an outcry
hold the cs gas a little bit closer
protect your wage get in the dozer
dear commandant
we know what you want

blindfold keep your mouth shut
blind regime blind regime
you're sold kick in the butt
no questionate it's the best regime
you can't resist for your rights
blind regime blind regime
sweet folks your lives are uncut
no anarchy is not a dream
anarchy is not a dream
Track Name: Riot Control
streets never forgive eyes of stones
streets we lie under anger grows
streets never forgive hopes on walls
streets we roll over system blows

where's the riot control
where's the yes-man

streets are our home is this what makes you foam
streets are everywhere and you can hide nowhere
streets are here are you a seer
oh you should've seen that we're not going to dissappear
streets in your nightmares you walk by the square
i see your face in such a disgrace
are you afraid of losing your wage
are you afraid of our rage